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Heloderma charlesbogarti


Named after acclaimed herpatologist Chrarles M Bogert, H.h.c. was first discovered in 1984 by an agricultural laborer named Espi’ritu Santo in Guatemalas Motuaga Valley(Campbell and Vannani 1988)(Beck 2004).

Adult H.h.charlesbogerti have a mostly black body with yellow to white spotting on the anterior end and distinct banding around the tail. Juvenile H.h.c have similar patterns to H.h.alverezi and H.h.horridum.(Beck 2004)

H.h.charlesbogerti only occurs in the Rio Motaga Valleyand adjacent foothills of eastern and southeastern Guatemala and is the rarest of all Helodermatid lizards, endangered throughout its range.(Campbell & Vinanni 1988)

H.h.charlesbogerti has been reproduced in captivity by the San Diego Zoo. Zoo
Atlanta also maintains group of these magnificent animals.

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