H. exasperatum

Heloderma exasperatum described by Bogart & Del Campo 1956 also called the Rio Fuerte Beaded Lizard. Is the Northern most race of Heloderma horridum inhabiting the drainage basins of the Rio Fuerte & the Rio Mayo areas of southern Sonora & Northern Sinaloa Mexico(Beck 2005). 

H. exasperatum is sub tropical and the most colorful sub species of Beaded lizard where variations of yellow often exceed the black or brown. The Rio Fuerte Beaded Lizard is most active and comfortable at 78 to 88 F. I am working with nine unrelated bloodlines of pure H. exasperatum of which all have been selected by me for the highest amount of color and reduced black. Pictured below are some of my breeders, juveniles and hatchlings.

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