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H. alvarezi


Heloderma alverezi as described by Bogert and Marti’n Del Campo 1956. Also known as the Chiapan Black or Ri’o Grijalva Beaded Lizard. In Spanish (Mexico) H.h.alverezi is called Lagarto Enchaquiradowhich translates into Beaded Alligator(Alverez del Toro 1982). he Rio Grijalva Beaded Lizard is one of the most mysterious and least known sub species of H.horridum. H. .alverezi inhabits the Ri’o Grijalva valley through central Chiapas into the Ri’o Lagartero Depression of western Guatemala (Bogert and Marti’n Del Campo1956; Stuart 1963; Alverez del Toro 1982:Campbell and Lamar 1989, 2004; Beck 2005. The Chiapan Beaded Lizard is born with a yellow to orange pattern and losses most or all of its color by sexual maturity. Adults range from black or brown with some speckling on the body to no color at all. Their tails are usually absent of any banding. Pictured are some specimens of our H. alverezi. 

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