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H. horridum


Heloderma horridum described by Wiegmann 1829. Also known as Escorpio’n or Acaltetepo’n (Beck 2005). Is the most common sub species of Heloderma horridum. Found on the Pacific coast from southern Sinaloa all the way down to Oaxaca Mexico.from near sea level to 1500 meters (Beck 2005). 

With its larger range H. horridum has the most variable color patterns of all four sub species. Their colors range from large amounts of yellow to almost all black. They seem to intergrade in eastern Oaxaca with H.h.alverezi (Beck 2005). The largest Beaded Lizard in captivity owned by Robert W. Applegate is in excess of 40". Although sub species is not a differentiating factor when it comes to size. I am working with a group of reduced yellow "Super Black" H, horridum. I have been selectively breeding the color out for the past few years. Pictured are some of my animals.

horr n.jpg
hoor n2.jpg
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