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  HorridumAngeli - Gila Monster

Heloderma Suspectum Reticulate Gila Monster - Ruby
Heloderma S. Suspectum Reticulate Gila Monster first described by Cope 1869 is one of two subspecies of Heloderma suspectum the other being Heloderma s.cinctum first described by Bogert and Marti’n Delampo 1956 (Beck 2005)

Helderma s.suspectum occurs from Southern Sonora and Northern Sinaloa Mexico up into Arizona and into New Mexico.

I am currently working with Randy Wright Line Reduced pattern Gila Monsters Heloderma s.suspectum. Randy & Sharon Wright were kind enough to believe in me, and hand my wife and I thier lifes work with H.s.suspectum. God willing we will do as good a job as they did.
My Monsters have been selectively bred for high pink or orange and reduced black for over twenty years . You will find my Wright line Gila Monsters as nice or nicer than most H.suspectum available. These photographs are of my breeding stock so you can get an idea of what the neonates will mature into.

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Heloderma S. Suspectum Reticulate Gila Monster