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Steve holding some of his lizards

The Four Sub-Species of
Heloderma horridum

I’ve been interested and keeping reptiles ever since I was a small boy. For the past ten years I’ve been keeping and breeding Mexican Beaded Lizards. I was first attracted to Beaded Lizards because it was a non-native venomous animal that I was able to keep and breed in the state of California. I truly believe they are one of the most interesting animals on earth. I started out with one animal and slowly built my colony over the years to the size it is now.

I now have over 40 Beaded lizards and am one of  the top producers of Heloderma horridum in the world. This year I should be the top producer in the world (God willing). I’ve built my colony from the first picks of several clutches and selective breeding, making my colony some of the best quality Beaded Lizards you will find. The quality of my reptiles gets better every year. I breed two types of Beaded Lizards: Heloderma horridum exasperatum and Heloderma horridum horridum. All animals have AZA studbook numbers and are registered in the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Beaded Lizard Studbook. All hatchlings are at least 2nd generation captive born (F2).

Breeding Projects
In addition to my Beaded Lizard collection I also breed other reptiles. I’m currently working with two pairs of Trachydosoarus rugosus rugosus (Shingleback Skinks) and one pair of Egernia stokesii (Gidgee Skinks). Hopefully I’ll have a few babies available for sale in the future.

A Shingleback Skink A Gidgee Skink

A Speckled Rattlesnake having his meal

I also keep and breed several California native rattlesnake species. These are STRICTLY NOT FOR SALE! Some species I currently have include: Crotalus ruber (Red Diamond Rattlesnake), Crotalus mitchelii pyrus (Speckled Rattlesnake), Crotalus mitchelii stephansi (Panamit Rattlesnake), Crotalus oreganus oreganus (Northern Pacific Rattlesnake) and Crotalus oreganus helleri (Southern Pacific Rattlesnake). These animals have always fascinated me with their mystery and beauty

Special Thanks
First of all to my mother and father, Larry and Terry Angeli, without whose love and support I would have never made it this far. To Elida Valadez(Grandma)for her support. To Johnny Anderson; without his mechanical and electrical expertise I never could have built such quality incubators and precise climate control for all my housing structures. I'd like to thank Chris Reimann for his insight and information. I'd also like to thank Robert Applegate who’s friendship and willingness to share his knowledge has been invaluable over the years. Finally, I would like to thank God without whose help and guidence I would be lost.

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